birth date

October 17,1972 (age41)


Slim Shady

place of birth

St. Joseph, Missouri, USA

full name

Marshall Bruce Mathers III


Film Actor, Rapper, Music Producer


Marshall Mathers

Marshall Bruce Mathers



new album: Recovery is released.

Recovery album

Recovery was met with exceptional sales and is more emotional and lyrical than Relapse. It is Eminem's latest album and has some very popular singles, such as "Not Afraid" and "Love the Way You Lie". The album has sold 5.4 million copies worldwide. On October 5 Eminem released a seperate single "No Love", featuring Lil' Wayne.

posted 18th June, 2010


new album: relapse is released.

Relapse album

His first original album since Encore in 2004, Relapse performed reasonably well, but was not a huge success compared to the Marshall Mathers LP, the Slim Shady LP etc. It has been cetified 2x platinum.

posted 15th May, 2009


The return and speculation.

50cent Eminem and Dr.Dre

During an interview with 50 Cent at a New York radio station, Eminem called in and stated that he's popping in and out of the studio but doesn't feel commited to an album yet. In December 2008, he confirmed the existance of a new Eminem album and that most of the production would be done by Dr. Dre.

posted 21st Sep, 2007


Musical hiatus and Curtain Call: The Hits

Curtain Call album

Before the release of his fifth studio album, Curtain Call: The Hits (a compliation of all his hits) there had been much speculation if Eminem was considering retirement. After the release of the album, which has been certified 2x platinum, Eminem took a break from music and fans did not know if he would return...

posted 6th Jan, 2005


new album: Encore is released.

Encore album

Eminem's fifth abum did very well, but did not perform as well as his older ones. Fans and critics also stated that the lyrics were subpar compared to older albums, but that didn't stop the album from selling 1.5 million copies in its first two weeks of release.

posted 12th Nov, 2004


8 mile, a movie starring Eminem, releases.

8-Mile movie

8 mile is sort of a semi-biography, loosely based on Eminem`s life, but the plot involves fictional characters. Eminem stars as JImmy `B-Rabbit` Smith Jr. B-Rabbit, like how Eminem was, is an aspiring rapper and faces many conflicts and betrayals throughout the movie before reaching his goal. The movies was both a critical and commercial success and was nominated for many awards. It won an Academy Award for Best Original Song, Eminem's "Lose Yourself".

posted 8th Nov, 2002


The Marshall Mathers LP releases.

The Marshall Mathers LP

His third studio album, the Marshall Mathers LP was even more successful than the Slim Shady LP. It has sold over 25 million worldwide and has been certified diamond in the US. The album one Best Rap Album in the 2000 Grammy Awards.

posted 23rd May, 2000


Deborah R. Nelson Mathers-Briggs sues.

Deborah R. Nelson Mathers-Briggs (Eminem's mom) holding a picture of eminem

Eminem`s mom sues the rapper for $10 million over objectionable lyrics about her in the Slim Shady LP. She only won around $1 600 in 2001.

posted 22nd Jul, 1999

Eminem marries Kim.

Marshall Mathers and Kim

Marshall Mathers III and Kimberley Anne Scott (Kim) first met at a party in 1989. Their daughter, Hailie Jade Mathers was born on Christmas Day, 1995. Their marriage occured ten years later, on June 14. The couple`s first divorce was in 2001, but they remarried on January 14, 2006. Their second and final divorce was finalized in December of the same year.

posted 14th Jun, 1999

The Slim Shady LP is released.

The Slim Shady LP

After being signed to Aftermath Entertainment/Interscope Records in 1998, Eminem released the Slim Shady LP which was met with huge success, due to Dr.Dre supporting Eminem so much. It has sold over 5 million copies in the US alone and has been certified 4x platinum.

posted 23rd Feb, 1999


Eminem`s debut album releases.

Infinite album

Eminem`s first full studio album, Infinite, was released under the label Web Entertainment. The album performed poorly on the charts, but Eminem didn`t let that faze him. His next album would launch him to superstar status.

posted 12th Nov, 1996


Hailie Jade Mathers is born.

Eminem and Hailie Jade Mathers

Eminem`s and Kim`s daughter is born on Christmas Day! Eminem met Kim six years back at a party, and they began their on and off relationship from then.

posted 25th Dec, 1995


Eminem drops out.

Bassmint Productions (group)

Since he turned 14, Eminem had started showing interest in hip-hop and rap and had joined the group "Bassmint Productions`` under the name M&M. Due to excessive truancy and failing and re-taking Grade 9 twice, he decided he had had enough and dropped out of high school in 1989.

posted 22nd Jan, 1989


Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr. leaves.

Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr. and Eminem

His father left the family shortly after, when Eminem was only 18 months-old. His mother, Deborah R. Nelson Mathers-Briggs, had to raise him soley on her own.

posted 17th Jun, 1973


Eminem is born.

Eminem as a baby

He was born Marshall Bruce Mathers III in Saint Joseph, Missouri to Deborah R. Nelson Mathers-Briggs and Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr.

posted 17th Oct, 1972

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